Door Drops

Companies that are participating in the Expo, conducting an AMCP-sanctioned Satellite Symposium, or sponsoring an event in conjunction with AMCP Annual Meeting are eligible to conduct a door drop to promote your event. To do so, your company must forward a sample of the material to AMCP for approval. If approved, AMCP will provide an authorization memo including the specific hotel contact information for making door drop arrangements.

AMCP’s door drop fee is $1000 for each drop. You will be charged when applying but if piece is not approved the fee will be refunded. This fee is separate from any of the hotel charges. AMCP-contracted hotels will require a copy of the approval memo from AMCP in order to process arrangements for the door drop. Pricing for the distribution range from $1.50-$5.00 per piece/per door. Final cost is determined by the individual hotel property and those billing arrangements must be made directly between the company and the hotel.

NOTE: Journals/Magazine issues and supplements are not permitted

ALSO NOTE: Element and Aloft hotels do not permit door drops.

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Mail List Rental

Increase your reach, enhance signup for sessions or drive booth traffic with an AMCP pre-registration list rental.

AMCP pre-registration list rentals include name, company, title and street address for hundreds of attendees and are available four weeks before the meeting. The renting organization must be an official meeting participant (exhibitor, sponsor, satellite, theater or industry workshop provider). AMCP corporate members (or their third party representatives) receive a substantial discount off rental rates. Rental list provided are for direct mail purposes; emails and phone numbers are not available. AMCP offers membership list rentals in addition to pre-registration rentals.

Lists are limited to one-time use and a sample piece must be approved by AMCP in advance. There is a 5-7 business day turnaround once the piece is approved. Payments must be received before the list is provided. To order, simply complete the Request Form and Agreement provided below. Be sure to follow the submission instructions to assure prompt processing of your order.

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